MY THESAURUS, REX                               

A dinosaur that's not extinct

sits atop my writing desk.

This wordy fellow makes me think.                                

I use the terms that he suggests.

He is my buddy, pal, my friend,

my pardner, sidekick, confidant.

From Once upon...until The End

he's fearless, stalwart, brave, gallant.

When my mind's confused, unclear,

a bungled, flustered, jumbled mess,

he helps me choose a word that's clear,

distinct, lucid, manifest.

He feeds me good alternatives,

choices, options, substitutes.

A banquet for the perceptive,

clever, cunning, keen, astute.

If we should ever have to part,

take leave, split up, or separate,

my poems would have a broken heart,

dejected, crushed, and desolate.

Though his pages are quite worn,

damaged, tattered, shabby, frayed,

I wouldn't trade my dinosaur,

thesaurus, helper, partner, aide.

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