More Ways To Be Immature

1. Rent children's video's, even if you don't have kids.

2. Visit a toy store and check out all the hot new items. Many toy companies have interactive displays set up. Give them a try!

3. Eat lunch at a fast food restaurant that's located near a high school. You'll get great dialogue. The teens have so much energy you're sure to be inspired.

4. Go through the drive-thru and order a kids meal at your favorite fast food joint. Eat the burger slowly, taking child-sized bites. Play with the toy! These small joys can mean big rewards in your writing

5. Read children's books. Everything from picture books to young adult novels can spark your creativity. Go to the library. Ask the librarian what the kids are asking for. What are the latest Newbery, Caldecott, Zolotow, and Parent's Choice Award winners? Check them out.

6. Try a new sport or hobby. In-line skating, volleyball, canoeing: whatever floats your boat. It's scary and exciting to try something new, but kids do it every day. My first experience on a jet-ski made me feel like a six year old on the first day of school; terrified.

7. Learn the lyrics to a few children's songs. Whenever I'm feeling too grown-up to write, I belt out a couple verses of Your Mama Don't Wear No Socks, and I'm cured!

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